Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wish typing worked this time

I'm not sure why I brought my laptop with me to work today. I will probably sleep at lunch at normal because I certainly do not need to do any online shopping.

Typing out my feelings for the day normally makes me feel better, but I really don't feel I should write them out as most none of them are not any good. I'm full of doubts.

Hmm... something good to focus on...... I have a friend coming over Friday and we have a doll meet the next day, where more friends will be. It will be good to see them again. I could use some smiles. Now if only a certain attendee will behave, be polite, and be a sane person.

Other news..... I started to sand the seams off of Lum(Fairyland Minifee Lishe Boy). So far I think I have his torso and left arm to do still. Next will be Elipses(SOOM MD Heliot) I think. He has some CRAZY seams. They bother me and have actually cut me before!

Hmm well nothing else left good to write.... off to a day of work and sleep.

( 800V) ~~> ( 857V)

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