Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lots going on!!

*Trybbl can't wait to have a Heliot of her own*
(Fenris's Heliot, Fierahn pictured here...)

Wow! I am pretty blown away!

*stuck listening to Miyavi's "SungeeMeimukinaUta2" and wonders if its labeled right.../shrugs and rocks on*

I was able to get Sphaler ordered! YAY!!! ^^

I will be getting Heliot in sometime the week before the Halloween party (before October 24th) hopefully like Monday or Tuesday..... (Still gonna be my videographer Rien? ^_~ You know you wanna be here with this awesome David Bowie Unicorn guy gets here)

If Luts and Fairyland ship my orders on time... I just might be getting Dollie stuffs in while my Dad is in town! Hehe. I may have to recruit him to be my videographer. It sounded like some dollie friends wanted to be around for the opening of my MASSIVE Fairyland box... it would be so cool if I could coordinate that!! XD Then Dad could meet some of my good friends.

*Music changes to Miyavi's "HOWTOLOVE"*

I am SUPER excited to be getting a Delf Shine..... My first doll love was a Delf El (Which I think I have decided to get twins of) and this probably would have given that first love a run for its money had it been out at the time. He came out after (I think). I love the look of the Delf bodies, but wish they had a chest joint.... sort of like the Normal boy Minifee body. *crosses fingers that Fairyland/CP will come out with a 60cm version of the Minifee body with the thigh joints of a Littlefee and the one hand balancing magic of a Pukipuki*

I also might begin work on a very nice Artwork commission, which I am super excited about. I am exited about doing the work itself as well as the rewards from the work.



( 500V) ~~> ( 566V)

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