Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Start of a series of Paintings

I was lost in my thoughts one day on the bus (as I have been lately) and I suddenly thought of a theme for a series of paintings I wanted to do. Most would think I had specific imagery in mind for each painting, but I really wanted to feed of each idea and just create what would come from each feeling/idea. I did not have any prescribed composition or characters for these paintings.

So far all of these have been done in a little sketchbook of mine so I may translate these to better/larger materials later on. I also do not know how many paintings this series will consist of, all I know is there are more to make.

Part of a Series: Believing in it's Existence

* --~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~--*

Part of a series: Won't you just go on an' leave me

 * --~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~--*

Part of a series: My give up on Magic

* --~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~--*

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