Thursday, July 1, 2010

Getting back to the basics

It really sucks when something from the past comes back to poke you in the again.

This time it poked pretty hard and I was bed-ridden for almost a week - and it still is poking me when sitting. Sometimes I start to think of my back injury from my Japan trip and it makes me really angry. It wouldn't have been so angering if it had happened because I was training to be a ninja, had tried to climb the 1:1 scale Gundam, went crowd surfing at a Moi Dix Mois concert....but of course it wasn't. I try to remember that going again next year will be even more enjoyable because I will know my way around better and will actually have someone there to geek out with.

Fairyland store? OMG I can't believe it and cannot wait to go. It will be even more awesome because my friend who is going with me is just as passionate about Fairyland as I am (if not more so)

Also, I am trying to prepare myself for the trip as well. I want to pre-research where I want to go and what I want to do. I also want to get a DSLR and greatly improve my photography skills before going there. I really want to get back into my OCD documentation. I enjoy doing it, and I also enjoy re-visiting it later.

I think I have begun to narrow down my camera to the Canon T2i for its video and photography.
I also want to see about getting a Canon 50mm 1.8 lens and making a DIY light setup

I really want to get into doing more doll photostories again.

( ?V) ~> (?V)

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