Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dream in the world

Painting under the Space Needle - 01
I had a startling epiphany today.

I think I may have met someone I dreamt of years ago.

Someone from a dream that I was able to wake from 
- and go back to -

I have never done that before, and have never since.
I went back to sleep and to that same dream because of sheer will.

I never really remember my dreams for more than 5 minutes or so....
but a lot of it is still vivid in my mind, especially this person and my emotions.

 This dream was left un-resolved. I don't know how it ended, whether it was a fairy-tale or a nightmare.


(Lyrics pulled from Sam Sparro's Black and Gold)

( 4434V) ~> ( 4543V)

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