Friday, September 24, 2010

Leeloo finally found her one?

I think I might of found Leeloo's boyfriend. There are more pictures of him here
I just hope he sticks around and works out. 
I wonder just how tan he is. I think he might actually end up with some facial hair (who woulda ever thought!?)

He hasn't been released yet... and I think he will be limited... so I may end up having to get him on the marketplace =( Which really sucks because Castle Anne dolls aren't very popular and seem to be on the expensive side (For their size category)

I do wonder how their size comparison would be.... I found pictures of a Junior Girl next to a Minifee girl and the Minifee was smaller. So I think it would work great considering the picture of the girl and boy Juniors below.

Its funny how life gives you little signs =)

( 4631V) ~> ( 4789V)

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