Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pilin' up

My head feels like a balloon and I have a feeling its from the head congestion part of the cold I am currently experiencing, but there is another part of me that has wanted to blog for days.

I've wanted to blog for days but then I realize its the same thing over and over. A post longing for the things I want. I feel like I'm the opposite of Buddha. I keep piling up the desires instead of trying to make them go away. Its a never ending cycle.

I was able to eliminate one desire though... I had wanted a new doll from Castle Anne, but realized I just simply wasn't willing to pay the money they wanted. A ridiculous price considering he isn't even fullset...(not that I like all that he is pictured with) I still think he's darned cute...

I still want a DSLR like no-body's business... but haven't had the energy as of late to use it even if I had one. I also need to be sure to focus on the Artbook that I am going to be a part of. My plan this week was to come home each day and focus on it... but with this cold... I went home and passed out. I have a feeling it will be the same tonight.

After this Doll Show I really have to refocus and not spend so much on my dolls (for now). I've got to set my priorities elsewhere - mainly my Japan trip. I want to have a lot of spending money. I can smell the Ramen now....(even though I have a head cold...lol) I also need to get my ass in gear to be in shape for the trip too. I want to be able to buy some clothes while there.... a Moi outfit that Mana wears.... /drool.

I also want to get moved to the hill (Capitol Hill). It would be so great if I could do so with a room mate or significant other (Preferable). I so miss splitting bills and having the company around. Sometimes I feel so dis-enchanted about love.

I'm talking delirous now. I think its time to leave it at that.

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