Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Monochrome World - Lost in a Rainbow

Phtalo Blue

 Sometimes I get so tired of being me. 

 I feel like I'm pthalo blue, who sometimes turns into a rainbow  living in a monochrome 
 black, white, and gray world.......

I used to be a rainbow all the time, but I don't have it in me much anymore. I've got to find a way back.

I don't know how....... I'm trying.......

When a rainbow 
  sometimes I'm too bright for some people's eyes 
 or they assume what I'm about or they want something from me 
 or they simply don't like me without looking 
 or they l<3ve me. 

When I'm phtalo blue, only in certain light do you see the gorgeous deep blue. Most just see me as black.

It's so hard to relate to the other colors. When a rainbow I can appreciate them, but they tend to not reciprocate. 

 There's no connection for most. 

 I often try to become something that suits them most. I've tried 
 living with and merging my life with yellow, and slowly I became  
 green and then gray. I became absorbed in yellow and lost my 
 pigment. Then a crane knocked down all of that. I miss it and yet I  
 never want it again. 

 I'm lost in a rainbow

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