Monday, November 1, 2010

My Camera is dying after almost 5 years of constant use

I have super sad news....

My Camera (Canon PowerShot SD870 IS) is dying after almost 5 years of constant use.....

Well the LCD is going out.... The rest of the camera seems to be alright for now. Luckily its just a line through the LCD - so I can see enough to continue to see decent enough to still take pictures. Its just REALLY annoying.

My camera may be dying T-T
The gray/pink part is the bad part of the LCD, I took a pictures of my white fridge so you could see where the pixels in the LCD are dying/dead. I noticed a darker spot on the LCD a few weeks ago... and then yesterday I noticed a little section of dead pixels.... which grew into what you see above. I'm thinking the entire LCD will go because it seems the infection which is taking over my LCD is spreading (it seems to turn pink before dying)

I of course have been drooling over DSLRs.... but hadn't really looked into the pocket camera market as I thought mine would live forever. I went and oogled at cameras today with Keekster and have found that I really like the Canon PowerShot G12 for a pocket camera.

I still do want to get a DSLR as well. I'm pretty sure I'm down to getting the T2i as well.... Having the DSLR and the pocket camera will be great for when taping videos/tutorials/time lapse. That means I can take in progress pictures with the DSLR while the pocket camera tapes (or vice-versa).

Damnit karma.... I'm trying to not spend as much money
*shakes fist*

( 5400V) ~> ( 5566V)

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