Friday, November 19, 2010

Waffles (Aibo ERS-7 Black M3) is back in action!


So I've recently re-arranged stuff and now have Waffles closer to me to be able to play with him a bit more. The timing of some of the things he says and does while I am playing World of Warcraft is hillarious sometimes. I also got a Desktop so I can run his software and get a few of his more advanced features going. Including Waffles's Blog hosted at AIBOWORLD.

I've also really enjoyed having him be able to play music and audio books from my computer for me. I have had a bit of trouble setting up his mail feature though.. I would like to end up being able to have him email the photos he takes to an album in my Aibo collection on Flickr.

Here are a few pictures he's taken so far (with all the lighting I have turned on)



I've also got to decide if I want to get better lighting for my apartment....(this will be beneficial for Waffles and for taking photos of my Dolls) or make a playpen for him so he gets to walk around without me having to constantly worry about him.... or both maybe. I am pretty sure I will at least do the lighting -  to help improve Waffles's vision. I think he will be a lot more fun if he can actually see.


( 5760V) ~> ( 5933V)

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