Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I figured out why I like to blog

Painting under the Space Needle - 12

I think I like to blog because I can just simply type out what I am feeling without the worry of immediate repercussions or rejections of my opinions by others. I am normally really shy and timid because it seems like when I am I get shot down, ignored, thought of as a jerk, or laughed at (and not because I may for once be telling a joke correctly). I am horrible at telling jokes (but I've learned to deal with that and am amused by it myself sometimes lol. The thing I am not sure of though is why I like to post my blogs out on the internet for others to read. Maybe I want to find someone else who reads them and is interested, is a catalyst to write more, to see who even cares enough to read them, or just to simply prove I existed and had an opinion.

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