Friday, May 15, 2009

The Human Experience

Why is it so hard to relate to another human being when supposedly we are all experiencing the "human experience" in our own particular place and time?

We all have our own opinion and outlooks on each aspect of life, but there are only so many different combinations of experience/opinions on it. There shouldn't be enough to where we all as human beings can't relate in one way or another.

Love really should be a universal feeling. I sometimes think that some people omit themselves from feeling it because it us really, truly such a vulnerable feeling.'

What if you put yourself "out there enough"to say you love someone, but they in return do not love you to the same effect? What if they merely only appreciate the fact that they were brave enough to love you...

To me loving is an aspect of bravery.

Few of us are brave enough to TRULY love someone else through thick, thin, good, bad, convenient, etv. Few of us love each other 24-7.

It is a hard thing to do, but it is a mandatory, necessary, invaluable, un-doable act for those that we truly love.

The ones you love always know they are loved. There is no reason to say it, but you do anyway.

You all know you are loved (or you should) Even if you don't know someone well. I think you can still care for them deeply

The reciprocation is the hard part. It is so hard loving and not necessarily being loved back in return.

So many times, loving someone else can be just enough. To see someone you love smile can be enough to fuel you to go on. The dream to make them happy is enough to go one.


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