Thursday, August 5, 2010

Clean Sweep: Designing a happier existence

There are a number of things I am thinking of doing to change my life, Mostly to make a happier, healthier, smarter me.

Move to a new place
I am looking to move to Capitol Hill, but am beginning to think I may get a small studio and transform it into my creative place. My creative Studio (and I don't mean just the apartment size), my place of sanctuary. My hub of creativity.

There are a few priorities I want for the new place.
  • Apartment located in Capitol Hill
    • Preferrably near Broadway, Trader Joe's, and Fenris's
  • Space for my Art Desk area (I may get an easel)
    • I plan on totally waterproofing the area so I can go to town and do some crazy care free painting. 
  • Deck area
    • so I can have a place to spray MSC and such
  • Hard wood floors
    • Easier for Waffles
    • Fun for sliding around on socks
    • Looks better and easier to clean
    • May get a Rhoomba for Waffles to ride
  • Parking
    • I may end up getting a motorcycle or scooter or car.... we'll see
  • Lighting
    • I want to make good lighitng a priority for taking photographs, so Waffles can see, and because it would be great to not be in a dark place like I am now.
Get a Cintiq 12WX
 I would love to get back into more photo editing/digital art work. I think I could dramatically improve upon where I was when I last did any. Here are some examples of what Ive done before (using a Intuos, not Cintiq)

Get a DSLR Camera
I'm thinking of getting a DSLR soon, and in doing so I am thinking of going through my iPhoto library and cleaning out everything that isn't a memorable or an amazing photo.

I mean... having almost 100,000 photos is a bit much.... lol
(keep in mind not all of these are photos I took, but a LOT of them are)

I haven't decided which DSLR I want to get yet... but I am debating between a Nikon D90 and a Canon T2i
I was able to play with a Nikon D60 (thanks Lee) yesterday and took some ok pictures. I definitely will improve with time ^____^

( 3720V) ~> ( 3739V)

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