Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wear your heart on your sleeve

I have so many words that go with this, but then I realized there's no point to writing them. They won't mean anything or change anything.

There are those that should read them and take them to heart - they won't visit here to read or comprehend my words.
and then...
There are those that care and will read my words and take them to heart even though they aren't meant for them.

Its all on them to act, there's nothing more I can do. I've done more than all I know I could have done.
To those around me:
Say what is in your heart, unfold that paper heart and wear it on your sleeve. Say it loudly and proudly. 
For me, not hearing it is worse than taking any painful word you may have to say.
I take it all, the good and bad. Sharing of both helps strengthen relationships. It helps us know each other. I've slowly begun to learn this and thank you to those who have listened to my woes as of late. 
(and to those who didn't hear them... please don't worry. This is new to me.... I've never had much worrying to do and when I did, I was fine dealing with it internally)

No matter your level of involvement.... for every little bit counts.
Thanks you to the ones who always support me, love me for me, and believe in me.
Mom, Dad, Jeff, Kelly, JP, Darby, Jesse, Erich, Dan, Rien, Rod, Dagger, Elissaios, Allie, Chris, Pete, Roy, Pam, Bambi, Cretia, Christine, Janice, my 526 YouTube Subscribers......
You help keep my rainbow heart shining bright.
(given my horrible memory... I'm sure I accidentally left someone out...)
You'll forgive me cause you love me right? lol

<3 you all

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    Because i have wanted to post on your page forever

  2. @ The King Of The Real
    That was beautiful. Thank you for sharing it (I'll watch/listen to this on repeat for a month now. Its great creative music)

    Yea... I re-designed my blog so its easier for comments now.