Friday, February 13, 2009

I should totally have Monday off.

Photo 5

Plans for the day:
1) Get some overtime at work (If my friggin bus would actually show up!!! First never came and second was 12 minutes late!)
2) Get warm ~ I'm freezing from being outside for ~30 minutes waiting for a bus at 6:00 am!
3) Check on my Fairyland Order
4) Pack for my surprise V-Day weekend. (Don't forget Sean's Present, a dressy up outfit, Linnear, Hello Kitty Coat...)

Kevetch for the day: (To complain persistently and whiningly)
1) My apartment building smelled like onions today... Luckily it didn't sweep into my apartment.
2) I just realized its Friday the 13th!!! 0.O

Positives for the day:
1) I get to have oatmeal and coffee when I get to work
2) Sean is getting to hang out with Pete, which I know makes him happy.
3) I got a cute " Love You" note from Jamie on Facebook!
4) Get to see Sean tonight.

Music of the Day
Malice Mizer - Merveilles - Gekka No Yakusokyoku
Miyavi - Rock no Gyakushu

I think I decided to order the Mr. Super Clear UV cut first.... No matter how much I want to get goodies for my dolls, I should make sure their resin is protected so they last me a long time. As far as Ordering from Dollmore, I think I will only order one boy outfit, one girl outfit, Red eyes, White Suit for Linnear, and the 3 pair of killer platform shoes. Im sure this will change when I actually am able to order. lol

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