Wednesday, February 4, 2009

MiniFee El and Shushu! *Changed My mind on Ruth!*

Oh yes.....
End of this week I finally get to order my darlings......

So I finally decided which new Ball Jointed Dolls I want to get.

Active Line Bodies (below)
Minifee - 69
Minifee - 73
A MiniFee Shushu and El, but I want to get them through Fairyland’s alacarte system so that I can get custom hands and active line bodies(more muscular) and the extra “sleeping” heads

Shushu (show below)
Minifee-Shushu - 3
Minifee-Shushu - 7
I will be receiving her without any makeup though, so I will be doing her face-up myself(same as Ruth). Im so excited! So here below is a picture of Shushu without any makeup.
Minifee - 23

And here below are some picture of El, the MiniFee boy
(This is the vampire version... not able to get that)

Here is a picture of the blank El head, which I will face-up.
Minifee - 20

I already ordered and received all the different types of hands except for the top pair that make a cute heart! Im going to choose those hands to be the ones that come with the dolls when I order them at the end of this week ^_^
minifee_magon_hand6 copy
minifee_magon_hand4 copy
minifee_magon_hand8 copy
minifee_magon_hand7 copy
minifee_magon_hand5 copy
minifee_magon_hand1 copy
minifee_magon_hand3 copy

I am SOOO excited! >.<

I also found out that American Girl Doll (18”) doll accessories and furniture(NOT clothing) fit my dolls.... Oh boy!

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