Monday, August 17, 2009

Already cried a river (more like an ocean), Building a bridge, and working to get over it

I'm trying my best to move on to a new chapter in my life.

I thought I had found that guy that could make me the happiest woman on the planet.... and he had the potential, but obviously didn't care to follow through. Because of my temporary happiness I was actually inspired to draw again.... I hadn't been in that kind of creative mode for 6 years.... 6 YEARS.....

That happiness quickly melted into some of the saddest times I have experienced, but I won't dwell on it as it has already taken up too much of my time, my patience, and worst of all my heart.

Onto good things!!!

I was able to check off one of my dream dolls... a Fairyland LittleFee Beauty White Fullset Ante...(The one below is in Natural Skin)
She was debuted October of 2008 and sold out very quickly and I was undecided on her because of her size.... (She is half of the size of Gaius and Leeloo) A friend of mine has one of her and I am always requesting that she be brought along, because I enjoy her so much! I was VERY luck to of found that Fairyland had contacted DDE in order to see if they wanted the leftover Antes.... and I was luck enough to have been able to snatch one of these up. (They said she was their only one!!)

I was able to get my Ante fix for the day as I was able to play with Lavinia ^_^ Thanks Fenris! Here are the pictures from the day's playtime!
BJD-MeetUp-2009-08-16-Space Needle (BJD-MeetUp-2009-08-16-Space Needle)
Gaius can't wait for the new girl to get here... He likes the Little Fees and hates the Pukis.... Leeloo loves the Pukis ^_^

I also did some dream shopping and found that around $2300 would actually take care of all of my Fairyland wants(for the most part) which is pretty damn amazing considering that includes 4 dolls (with extra hands, faces with faceups), wigs, clothes, shoes....I just gotta wait until the Summer/Autumn event to get the free goodies!! ^_^

I have also found another boy MSD doll I want to get..... to be Leeloo's boyfriend. An Iplehouse J.I.D. Ryan.

I built a dream cart around him.... with wigs... shoes, clothes, eyes... from the same company and that turned out to be $680

And finally I built a dream cart of some clothing/eyes/wigs I wanted from DDE which ended up being $185. Not too bad for all the items.... I would have gotten this had I not just gotten Ante.... and had not been going to Japan this Saturday(not complaining about the trip though!!)

Also!!! I'm pre-ordering one of the first DoA only Male Fers from Dollheart! So Excited!

So excited about so much awesome *drool*.....But I must sleep now....

(157 V) ~~> (192 V)

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