Monday, August 24, 2009

一人しないで I didn't do so well on my own.

So I wasn't very good at exploring on my own yesterday. I did not find to SOOM store because I had thought my directions said to take a left out of the Shinjuku station.... the Shinjuku stations is HUGE and has a ton of different exits. So I proceeded to walk around the ENTIRE station and make lefts out of each exit to see if I could find Takeshita street. Thank goodness I didn't ask someone... they would have looked at me strangely because the area I needed to be in was Harajuku.

I did have fun wandering around looking though. I had Gaius with me and he catapulted his wig off his head (Like normal) and a Japanese man was very kind and picked it up and gave it to me. I am sure he didn't see Gaius and had to wonder what the hell that little black furry thing was... I personally might have wondered if it was clean to touch @_@. lol

I am used to getting stared at in the United States... and I get stared at here alot, but for some reason it feels different. It never phases me in the US. But here in Japan I wanna hide under an umbrella (which won't work because Jamie and I had to buy clear ones. hehe)

I had Mc Donalds for breakfast/lunch. Everything was in proportion... except for the drink. The drink was kinda ridiculously small.

I ended up sleeping and trying to figure out directions to the SOOM store while waiting for Jamie. It was good I stayed in the hotel otherwise we wouldn't have seen each other to go to her gig.

We got sooo lost trying to get to the Star Pine Cafe. We really should have just asked how to go where when we first got there. It would have been faster ^.^ The lady at the train station was SO nice. Helped us get a total different train brand, which she didn't work for, so we wouldn't have to make a transfer.

Yuri helped us find the Cafe and also helped translate for Jamie. During a little break before the show we got to go get traditional Japanese Ramen! It was SOOOO good. I want more today ^_^. Luckily its cheap! Yuri was very nice and bought our dinner (Thank you Yuri!)

I got video of Jamie's entire performance ^_^ she did very well.

We also got to see Hiro (a photographer we met at Sakura Con). It was good to see him again. He is a very funny guy. He takes funny pictures. (Thanks for the ride home Hiro!) Sorry Yuri and Hiro I was too tired to hang out last night. But we will see them and Ayumi on Thursday. Maybe we will go do Karaoke (I'm so nervous!)

Jamie also wants to go clubbing.... I am not so sure about that T_T


Ok time to make some green tea and start getting ready for Harajuku (gotta decide what the Darlings and I are going to wear)

( 233V) ~~> ( 263V)

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