Friday, August 7, 2009


Thomas Ourada-Birthday - 07

So on Thursday I was wondering if my asking off Friday would have been fruitful, but It seems as though it will have been pointless.

I have Innocente Seraphim this weekend. None of the activities I am really concerned about going to start until 8:30 Friday Night.

I don't believe my original reason for asking off for tomorrow will come through and that makes me sad. I do not like getting to put my opinion in, I do not like being ignored, I do not like having my decisions made for me. I do not like being kept out of the loop when I am involved.

But there is nothing I can do about that. I really must get over this, and see it as their loss, not mine.

A relationship takes two people's efforts, not just one.

So done...

Now time to focus on dollies and lolita-ness! I really want there to be a Shine( or Ante( there.... T_T It would cheer me up so much.
Kumoricon 2008 - Day 04 - 21

(130 V) ~~> (157 V)

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