Wednesday, August 26, 2009


To Akihabara!

The center of most boy geek-dom. Big boobied girl figurines wearing almost nothing.... all kinds of robot building, computer building, lighting, gadget etc stuffs, Maid Cafe's, Video Games, and girls dressed as maids or lolitas all around.

It was super cool. We didn't go to a maid cafe.... Maybe we/I will go back.... it just seems a little weird.

I also got to see my first Pullip doll in life....

I thought they were creepy before... but now I like some of them. (Though I tend to lump the Pullip and Blythe dolls into the same categories.... I think the Pullips are not as creepy) I even saw one that looked like Gekka no Yakusoku Mana!!! So cute.... but I couldn't take a picture and wouldn't pay ~$320 for it.

I also found a new Japanese phenomena that I think is hillarious..... I love the many different Mameba!

I also took a ton of videos! Check out my Youtube channel

aaah.... sleep time I think.

( 263V) ~~> ( 295V)

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  1. Photogs please!! Hope you're having fun!