Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fact or Fiction: Fairytale Love

***On my way to work, I took some pictures of a series of flowers... they are in the exact sequence in which I found them. To me, they tell a story. Here is that story***

Why do we always strive for the things we read about in books, or are told about in stories as a kid?

Are they things that we continually wish existed, but don't?

Are they things that are told about because they exist in fact?

Is there fact in the saying that "every joke grows from some truth"?


~~~*~*~***A story of a Flower***~*~*~~~

Blog-A story of a Flower - 1
A lone flower on a path which many people no longer pass by. The bus stop nearby has been shut down.
Blog-A story of a Flower - 2

Look! There's someone! a Brightness comes through as there is a glimmer of hope. Even though they are not another flower,still it is something else in existence. Maybe they could relate.

Blog-A story of a Flower - 4
They speed off down the road, stopping because of the law. Maybe to say "Hi, How are you?" as habit, or maybe to be polite as society says one should, but in reality not truly caring about your response of even really hearing it. They are too far away to care

Blog-A story of a Flower - 5
Sometime later a brilliance shows in the flower. No more settling for any other thing in existence. Did the flower actually find another flower? Could this fairytale be true?

Blog-A story of a Flower - 6
Some distance is created, life happens. The rains come. Can the Flowers survive? Do both want to strive to co-exist? Plants cannot simply get up and walk over to each other and sit with the other fir a short amount of time. They would have to plant each other in their vicinity. Grow Roots. Plant themselves.

Blog-A story of a Flower - 7
The color fades, the flower is alone and flattened. Perhaps a biker came by and ran over the flower. there are things that we can't control. The other flower stepped out of the way and this one took the fall. They were brave enough to try and uproot which complicated its existence, made it more vulnerable to the things going down the pathway of life.

Blog-A story of a Flower - 8
The Flower attempts to get back up, trying to shine as bright as possible, but its petals were squished off. It has but little brightness left until it can grow back. But that is what it will do, what it must do. Next time, will it try to uproot? Maybe.

Ashley-Random-Hearts - 31
Go down that road we call life and Shine Bright Flower, Shine Bright. I believe in you, Can that be enough?

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