Friday, January 30, 2009

An EXCITING weekend ahead.

On the bus

Plans for the day:
1) Make it through work
2) try not to drop my laptop while this bad bus driver heaves and ho's her way to my work.
3) find out how the fudge to bus to Pete and Jamie's (I don't remember!)
4) Decide what she is going to purchase next.... the dolls, Cosplay stuff for Linnear, or faceup stuff from Junkyspot.

Kevetch for the day: (To complain persistently and whiningly)
1) This bus driver stinks at driving...... and thats sad because its in her job description.
2) My package has been held back by customs!!! @_@ so does that mean I wont get it on Monday? so very /CRY

Positives for the day:
1) Got to see Sean
2) Will get to see Jamie, Pete, Jen tonight.

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