Friday, January 16, 2009

I totally have a case of the "Fridays"

Photo 1

Plans for the day:
1) Survive another day of work.
2) Maybe seen Elle and Sean?
3) Organize photos in iPhoto
4) Vlog

Kevetch for the day: (To complain persistently and whiningly)
1) Cramping sucks!
2) My Fairyland order is probably sill "pre-shipping" status.

Positives for the day:
1) One more day closer to my doll stuff
2) I got to try a CUTE apron on Linnear. I'll have to post pictures. They are to *die*for

So I didn't quite get to take over the world, but I did get to paint some last night. Its amazing how having another artist around can be motivational if not inspiring. Oren was working on a very nice drawing of Linnear! It was awesome. I also tend to be music inspired as well and I ended up loosing myself(in a good way) when I was listening to some video I took of my best friend Elle Harris playing her version of "Kokoro" by the Slants and also her own original song "What I have lost". I haven't gotten to see her in a few weeks and it really sucks. My work schedule has changed and it has really affected my social life during the week, also Elle has been really busy lately with new Photography opportunities (Good for you Elle!), but I do miss just simple hang out time to watch Vampire Knight, Miyavi videos, and have photo sessions with Linnear.

It'll be ok. When she is a famous photographer for all the idols in Japan I'll get to be the makeup artist. I cant wait to blush Gackt or Miyavi's asses. lol

To did not start out so well (though it could ALWAYS be worse) and it has slowly gotten better through the day(at least for me anyway, I can't say that for some of my co-workers) I woke up really groggy and was just plain tired (and cramping). I almost missed my bus to work. I got to work and my badge wouldn't let me in so I had to putz around with the receptionist to get in and fix my badge. My wireless headset for answering the phone was totally fubar'd for 3/4 the day so I had to use a poopy wired one. I forgot to bring lunch to work. I finally got my headset working(a positive!!) when I had to move up front(where I can not use my headset and can only use a wired one). A couple of co-workers of mine were transfered or let go.

Today has started to end well though. I was not one of the people let go (haha.... *sigh*) My bus home was actually on time. And finally have a three day weekend as I am off work on Monday. Woo!!

*Video Blog* Vlog-BJD-Fairyland Order!

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