Monday, January 26, 2009

Goddamn, why do simple things have to be complicated?

Photo 2

Angry face ^

Plans for the day:
1) Figure out how to make her life less stressful, and more happy again.
2) Survive another day of work again.
3) Check on her Fairyland order
4) Figure out what she will order from Dollmore (For Linnear's Cosplay)

Kevetch for the day: (To complain persistently and whiningly)
1) I really wish I could be in two places at once
2) Scheduling with other people
3) People being pissy - and you can't cheer them up.
4) My effin .avi's wont play on my mac right (well some of them.... YES I know this is a PC format..... I converted to mac)

Positives for the day:
1) Miyavi's "Itoshii Hito" started playing at just the right time. Its the song I needed to hear.
2) I didn't forget my bus pass.

I've got some really exciting events coming up!

-Friday Januar 30th - Work then hang out with Pete and Jennifer!
-Saturday January 31st - Pin Pon Dash concert
-Sunday Feb 1st - Doing makeup for Elle's photo shoot

-Friday Feb 6th - Secret mission to take over the world with Retta

-Friday Feb 13th through Sunday Feb 15th - Valentines Day weekend.... I don't get to know what is going on. lol Yay Surprises!

-Saturday Feb 21 - Hopefully I get to go to a doll meetup in Lynnwood! *crosses fingers*
-Sunday Feb 22 - Another Tattoo appointment for Sean. Wee!

So my day has plummeted to a new low and Im not gonna let it! So that means its time for me to do the things that are fun for me! Woo~~~~

*and please don’t ask what is gone wrong. I still have my job, Im still healthy, and I’m not totally broke.*

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