Sunday, July 5, 2009

Life and the acronym of R.T.F.M.

(No pictures for this blog today folks. I'm doing a serious re-org on my iPhoto and Flickr libraries)

I have found that life doesn't have a manual to it. If you have someone questioning what they should do, or how their life is, there is no way you can tell them to just RTFM (Read The Fucking Manual) because there isn't one.

Each life has its own nuances, its own particular circumstances. Each person makes decisions differently, has different likes and dislikes. AND it is those nuances that makes life interesting, but I also think that people are afraid of those nuances. Afraid to let the tendencies that make them unique shine and not conform to the societal perfect desirable human.

Simply said, one of mine is my love of wearing my cute kitty ears out in public. I like doing it, but some days I have enough confidence to do it and others I don't. Some days I do not feel like dealing with the effort it takes to swim against the current. Another one would be my dolls. I really do enjoy the hobby and bringing them with me places, and now that I have a smaller one, I always have one with me. But I tend to only take them out when with people I truly trust. My creativity goes into them, so they in a way are a part of me. Not to mention they are just plain expensive. lol

Instead of being able to RTFM, I wish I could have a coin with two sides. One says "GOOD" and the other "BAD". I wish this coin and the gravity that would control it when I flip it in the air would know whether or not the majority of the life experience that will come from a decision would be "GOOD" or "BAD". I wouldn't want to see the future results of a decision (then it would be a boring journey to an end result you already knew would happen). I also understand that the decisions we make, and what happens because of said decision, can never have only good outcomes/consequences. But it would be nice to know if they were good or bad over-all.

Then also... how would this coin know if the value of said "GOOD" would really out weigh the "BAD" even if there were more "BAD" than "GOOD" according to its scale?

When all is said and done, you just have to be you, make your decisions and then they will decide if they love or hate you for it.

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