Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Re-Learning that Positive things come to positive people. *On a plane to Japan in 1 month!*

I have been down about various things the past week or so, when I really shouldn't have been.

Just when I finally was able to start convincing myself that my worries were unjustified and stupid, sure thing the worries went away and happiness returned once again to my life.

Like Dory says "~Just keep swimming~"

Keep a positive attitude and the butterflies will stay and the bees will go away. (haha I made a rhyme)

I also believe ones own happiness can filter out onto others too. Happiness is a good cootie to catch XD (I should draw what one looks like)

So, Japan in one month!

VERY exciting.

Goals to get done this week for planning Japan

1. Make a list of the places I'd like to go
⁃ SOOM Store
⁃ Moi Meme Moitie
⁃ Harajuku Bridge
2. Find out where these places are and map out how to get to each of them
3. Figure out how to handle the phone situation (whether to upgrade to international plan with AT&T or get a pre-pay phone in Japan (if they translate for me... hellz yes)


I've found myself on this roller coaster, and I have NEVER liked roller coasters.

I chose to step off that roller coaster. Best decision this week!

(67 V)

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